Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Project Process

The following four images show the process of coming to a final illustration for one project.
The assignment was to illustrate the idiom "cat got your tongue." Which I did in a particularly gruesome way. The first image is the values sketch. The second is the first color rough I did which was rejected for being too warm. The third image is an exploration of the image using only cool colors, and that was rejected because of the green color of the bed. The fourth and final image is an entirely blue hued version, which was pretty much accepted except some folks thought the blue of the bed was too warm. Anyway, enjoy!


  1. this is terrifyingly good. I didn't know you could be so graphic, it's a nice change of pace :)
    what class was this for?

  2. Hey! Thanks!!!
    This was the first project for my General Illustration class this semester. It was a nice change of pace I think.

  3. I would be honored if you would follow me by the way :P

  4. i've been meaning to getting around doing that, too. i loved yours :D

    next week... i will joining you on scanning stuff :3

  5. Of course Jonathan! I've noticed this site makes it a little more difficult than it should be to find people's blogs and follow them.