Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scratch board Dracula project.  It's a pretty stereotypical Dracula image.  Not so sure how I feel about pushing the helpless female angle of things but it does feel vintage in a way, so I like that.  Ahh the hypocrisy of my varied tastes.

Shadow box of the famous Author Edith Wharton in Old New york.  What a fun project this was, and very time consuming.  I liked this way of working though and may try to do more shadow boxes in the future.

A design for the Mrs. Dalloway book cover developed from a sketch I did.  A fun and challenging project.  Everything done in Adobe Illustrator using vectors.

A piece I completed in Illustrator that developed from a sketch I did of a photograph.  Love the flat color you can get with that program.  Would love to own that dress too.