Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This guy did a 3 hour pose.  I drew him for 2.

Ok, so this one is from the FIT Drawathon which was also very fun I might add.

Drawathon Ballerina!

She held this pose for about an hour I think.  I ran out of blue part way through.

This was one of the models doing the 7 hour long pose at the Drawathon.  I didn't spend 7 hours on this but it was a nice set up.  She had another model posing with her too but I didn't draw him.

2 figures from the Pratt Drawathon

A compilation of a few fashion poses done at the Drawathon.

Short fashion Pose from the Pratt Drawathon

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Poster I designed for a body image awareness campaign at my school.  $300 if I win.  Here's hoping.  I used my own photography reference for some of the figures, so some of my pals will probably find themselves in here somewhere.  Pencil, pen, ink and gouache.